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He is a visionary leader and a business magnate managing multinational conglomerate across the globe. He has an extensive expertise in a variety of businesses known for his enormous business acumen and an amazing leadership honoured by board members and his team.

He is also managing several other companies and other joint ventures under his name growing every quarter along with his dynamic team across the world. moreover, in a very short span of time, he became a successful venture capitalist where he invested in some risky businesses which turned out to be the most profitable venture in a couple of months and therefore emerged as a powerful business leader at a very young age.

Recently, he forayed in the world of real estate for which he is deeply passionate, making bold investments in both residential and commercial sectors.

Moreover, he is into philanthropic activities and has made headlines for donations through his morelife foundation for supporting causes to improve the quality of life for individuals.

Vidit Agarwal

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Vidit Agrwal

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What if someone told you that a series of smart choices made by you can ensure a glorious life, without having to burn the midnight oil?

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morelife Vision Fund

morelife will invest in relevant startups with a proven
product-market and will be future focused on making
diversifying acquisitions.

plus, we are hiring 100+ team members
across all levels.

In the journey of entrepreneurship, think big and build
business with passion. – Vidit Agarwal

Vidit Agarwal
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